4 Drawer Mobile Cabinet


1 076,00 €


Load capacity 80 kg max.

2x65 cm - 1x130 cm - 1x170 cm + Top Hi-Macs

The work plan and the structure of the modules are white.

Customize your selection:
Choose the color of the facades, the handles and the drawer inserts.

More details

Product configuration
choice of options

A small office, need mobility, want to please you ..?

Our designers have designed packages for you tailored to your needs, your budget and your specialty.

We offer you the keys to design a workspace that meets your requirements. With the support of our agents, make your project tailor-made. Choose your modules, worktops, handles, accessories or colors across the entire ergonomic and modular range.

Data sheet

Guarantee5 years
On-site serviceYes
Visible in a showroomYes
Adapted financingYes
Total sizeH780 L560 P530

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